Football Camp Sport Planet for trained players!

In the summer of 2022, the Sport Planet will hold a special football camp only for trained guys! Only the most serious training program and a tough 4-time training regime, only concentration on your football qualities and exhausting work, which will allow you to move up the level!

Our children’s sports camp during the summer holidays can be compared to 3 months of training sessions in a regular football club! But, only here with players are working people who played side-by-side with Messi, Iniesta, Xavi. We have coaches who give lessons to the sons of Suarez and Vidal. There will be trainings on technique, coordination, balance, running technique, development of speed, endurance, speed-strength qualities. Plus, all workouts are aimed at ball control and creating scoring episodes.

Pro camp juggling

We will take children from many cities of Russia, Europe and other continents to the football camp in Crimea. All the players will be divided into different age groups.

Where do children live in our summer football camp?

The sports base Skif near Bakhchisarai, like no other, suits us for full and perfect football trainings with children! There are several natural fields of the highest quality, wonderful rooms for children, special sports nutrition, which is supervised by our doctor.

The base is fenced around the perimeter, there is a security. There are two fields with natural grass and one artificial. There is all the necessary equipment for training, a small river flows. There are several tennis courts and two hotels. In the complex for our football players there will be rooms with all services: the room has air conditioning, internet, TV. The sports complex has an excellent hall for theoretical lessons and watching matches and films. The base also offers a small pool, sauna, dining room.

Features of football camps Sport Planet

We cultivate a conscious professional attitude to training in all our football camps, trips to tournaments with talented players, individual trainings – as a possible field of activity in the future for guys. There is a clear daily schedule in our football camp: being late for training is not allowed, using phones is allowed only after dinner, we do not allow to buy chips, crackers, lemonades, seeds. This gives a serious result in the child’s skill together with motivation and goal setting in sports.

pro capm aquapark trip

The know-how of our camps is specialized testing of the technical skills of football players through video analysis of special test exercises. After that each child is getting an objective assessment of the quality, accuracy and correctness of his technical elements and their using in the game. In addition, we test the development of the physical qualities of football players in any of our football camps: speed, endurance, coordination. All data are entered into the database and the child and the parents can always compare their results with the past or with the control standards. We use the latest electronic equipment and sensors to evaluate all results.

In this specialized football camp in Bakhchisarai, in addition, we use a video analysis and analyze friendly matches with the guys, which will be mandatory for every child. The analysis of matches is based on clear statistical data obtained during the analysis. Especially for this, we use a unique camera with a wide angle shooting and a ball control function.

How to get our sport camp?

The Sport Planet offer several ways to get Eupatoria football camp:

  1. As part of one of several special organized groups from Tallinn, Riga, Saint Petersburg or Moscow. It is also possible to pick up your child from other cities, this should be discussed with our manager.
  2. Our employee can meet your child upon arrival at the airport and bring to the camp. The return transfer is carried out in the same way.
  3. You can get Crimea by your own way, and we will send a car for you.

For more detailed information, ordering a non-standard package of accommodation, call toll-free +7-921-891-79-40 using Whats App or Viber, order a call by phone or write to us by mail:

Pro camp after training

As always, Sport Planet is ahead of the competition. Try our new PRO Football Camp project! A really tough, serious training process, a minimum of entertainment, and maximum work on the football field awaits you. We work professionally with children, teach them to hard work, discipline and reveal the capabilities of each child, and for this he will certainly thank you in due time. If you already understood everything – book a great summer for your child!

If you already understood everything – book a great summer for your child!






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Bakhchisaray - 2022! PRO Football Camp in Crimea for pro oriented players!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
Russia, Crimea, Novopavlovka village
Number of turns:
3 turns from 27/06 till 08/08
Children's age:
2-4 per room
4 times a day
2 football trainings plus athletic session and individual training a day
Waterpool, trips the sea, excursions
Diploma, souvenir, uniform
Turn/Date Cost
1 turn
27/06/2022 — 11/07/2022
630 €
(650 € when paid after 28/02/2022)
2 turn
11/07/2022 — 25/07/2022
660 €
(690 € when paid after 28/02/2022)
3 turn
25/07/2022 — 08/08/2022
640 €
(670 € when paid after 28/02/2022)
65 places available from 90 Reservation
The cost of flights, transfers, medical insurance and a visa are not included in the price of the package!

The cost of the football training camp includes:
14 nights accommodation at the camp’s sports base,
4 meals a day - a choice of several dishes,
uniforms (T-shirt, shorts, socks),
football trainings with coaches, technical coaches, athletics,
english-speaking assistant and doctor 24 hours a day,
washing, a water pool at the hotel, aquapark.
There are special groups which will get to the camp from Tallinn, Riga, St. Petersburg or Moscow. The group will have a coach who pick up the children in the airports. You can bring your child to this group.
Approximately program in the camp:

7.00 – wake up
7.15 - athletic training session
8.30 – breakfast
9.30 – 11.30 - 1st training session
11.30 – 12.00 – individual work
12.30 – waterpool or the sea
13.00 – lunch
13.30 – 15.30 – rest
16.00 – snacks, tea
16.30 – theory
17.30 – 19.30 - 2nd training session
20.00 – dinner
20.00 – 21.30 – free time
22.00 — time to sleep
We have a system of discounts for:
- trip of two children from one family - 5%
- two children from the team - 3%
- five children from the team - 5%
- regular customers of the Sport Planet - 10%
Discounts are not cumulative. There is a condition for receiving a discount. It is a subscription to one of our social networks and repost.
Program for parents.
There are limited amount of parents places.
330 euro - 14 nights with breakfast,
450 euro - 14 nights with breakfast and dinner.

Coaching staff

Maxim Kramarenko coach photo

Maxim Kramarenko

Over than 20-years experience of work with different level teams. 2006-2012 - head coach of U11 FC Zenit academy, 2015-2017 - youth coordinator of FC Infonet academy, Tallinn Estonia. Took part many times in clinics at the academies of FC Barcelona, Ajax, Juventus, Schalke 04, Monaco, Sampdoria. Some players are in National teams of different countries.
photo Stas Engovatov football Camp Sport Planet

Stanislav Engovatov

FC Zenit former player. The champion of Russia as a member of youth selection team of North-West region. Candidate to the Youth National Team of Russia. He has trained by very famous coaches as Romanov Sergey, Kazachenok Vladimir. Very ambitious football coach. Starts the football coach career in 2017.
Didac Porredon

Didac Porredon Granell

UEFA Pro License. Former player of C.E.F Cervera, before 2011 he worked in C.E.F Cervera as a coach of U16, U14. Since 2012 worked as a youth coordinator in C.E.F Cervera academy. Since 2014 worked in FC Barcelona as coach of technical skills. Now is working in C.E.F Cervera as a coach of U12.

Francesc Gallego

Studied on a special course of FC Barcelona. Scouts courses of FC Malaga. UEFA Pro license. Former player of Esport Club Granollers, Unio Esportiva de Vic, FC Calldetenes. Since 2009 has become head coach of UE Vic. Annually had clinics and programs in FC Barcelona in different countries. Football camps FC Barcelona in Sweden, United States, saudi Arabia. Since 2014 worked as a head coach of first spanish league clubs AEC Manlleu, UE Vic, UE Camprolon.
photo Sport Planet coaches

Kosyanov Dmitry

UEFA C license. Excellent coach! Coach experience since 2012. Under his leadership, many pupils started their education in the academy of FC Zenit, and Ural Academy. Has a clear understanding of well-designed training, load distribution. He approaches each player personally.
goalkeeping coach in football camp

Boris Beloshapka

Soviet, Ukrainian footballer, goalkeeper in the clubs of the highest division of Ukraine, USSR, Israel, Uzbekistan. Goalkeeping coach. Master of Sports of the USSR, Master of Sports of Ukraine

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