The Sport Planet company always uses only the best methods and techniques for working with children. Many years of experience in running football camps allowed us to select personnel who can really responsibly deal with children and get results. Our coaches motivate, force, teach and develop hard. Because they are professionals. They are these professionals who make individual lessons with children in different cities and countries.

Our Planet Academy project includes: individual 1,5-2-hour sessions with coaches, 2-3 days training camp, football camp for 10-14 days, PRO testing and participation in elite tournaments against famous clubs. All our events are accompanied by a high-quality methodology of evaluation of the performance of young football players – since 2018, special tests of the physical performance of an athlete and the technical capabilities of football players have been introduced.
What does this mean?

We use modern equipment to measure the speed and power characteristics of a football player. We analyze videos from test exercises and control games and our experienced staff gives an objective evaluation of the child’s football technik results. And this means that your child-football player adds in his results much faster if he is given clear marks for the tested elements. We show clearly what needs to be changed, what needs to be done in order to increase the results.

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Photo a boy in Bulgaria

Football standards of physical indicators and indicators of the technical skills.

Football standards for running, jumping, kick power, juggling and indicators of the technical skills. The Sport Planet always makes control measurements of physical and technical indicators in its football camps. We have already written about the dynamics of the results of the guys in the 2019 season. Thereat we took measurements by some indicators. In…

фото_тесты на скорость

We use our own evaluation methodology

Implementing our own training methodology The company Sport Planet began to implement its own methodology for assessing the results of children in 2018!! Now, all our summer and spring football camps, children will have in-depth testing! So we will evaluate the player’s physical development, will evaluate all the basic elements of the football technique, as…

football camp in Bulgaria 2019 diplomas to guys

Individual football trainings

The Academy of Planet held individual football training sessions with kids! The Academy of Planet held individual football training sessions with kids of 6-10 years old in Moscow and Saint Petersburg! The Sport Planet company has already very big experience of working in football section! many coaches who are working in our football camps made very good football players…