See the true reviews from our customers who were in Sport Planet football camps!

Here our clients leave feedback and write the impressions what they got in our football camps! Over than 10 years our company makes prestigious professional football camps in Russia, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Estonia, Finland and Turkey with very strong coaches and staff! See the reviews and book now one of our camps near the sea for your child!

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Rating: 9.8/10 (10 votes cast)
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Reviews, 9.8 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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  1. Gorozhankina Diana

    With all my heart I want to thank the guys for the wonderful organization of the summer football camp for the boys!!! We traveled with them twice – the first time in the Crimea, the second in Abrau Durso. My son liked everything! In Abrau, we lived not far from the guys, and my daughter constantly admired the cheerful and kind atmosphere in the camp, and often asked me to visit them to play the mafia;)

    • Andrey «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thank you, Diana!

    • Larisa Vanuito

      Our child plays football.
      We really wanted the child spend the summer with benefit, so we sent him to the football camp, which we saw on the Internet. We were very pleased. Since the camp has sports direction and there are all conditions for the active development of the child.

      This camp has a serious training process for children who want to learn how to play football and also seriously improve their football skills.

      I want to say many thanks to the coaches who did everything so that our child had a great summer.

      • Andrey «Sport Planet Care Service»

        Thank you Larisa!

  2. Football players mothers

    Good afternoon! We are in the Sport Planet camp in Abrau-Durso, Krasnodar at the moment. We are very pleased that our children spend their holidays here. We will not talk about living and eating conditions, because they are quite worthy, but we will note the training process. Training takes place in one breath, with the full dedication of children and trainers. We did not think that it is possible to improve the football skills in such a short time . You really have to spend a time to find such coaches like here. They are not only are great professionals in their field, but they are also wonderful people. They give all of themselves to every child. Children not only train, but also go to the lake, the sea and excursions. We recommend visiting this camp.

    • Andrey «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thank you so much!!

  3. Olga Dmitrieva

    The camp is famous in the Crimea and beyond, thanks to its interesting animation program and excellent coaches. The Sport Planet has repeatedly won prizes among children’s camps in the Crimea and the Russian Federation in competitions for organizing children’s summer vacations.
    Thank you guys for a great vacation of my son!!

    • Andrey «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thank you, Olga!

  4. Olga

    I want to express my gratitude to the organizers and coaching staff of the Sport Planet 3rd turn of 2015 in Alushta for the excellent organization of children’s relaxation and the training process. The child was delighted, I liked everything very much, I had a lot of impressions from training, and from excursions, a water park, and of course from communicating with wonderful guys and mentors! Thank you very much!

    • Andrey «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thanks Olga!

  5. Ekaterina

    Our first experience, our first camp, was chosen for a long time, carefully and we were satisfied with our choice. Alushta, 3rd turn. I want to express my gratitude to our coaches – Maxim for a good organization and timely resolution of all arising issues, for professionalism and patience) Thank you! Eugene, David and Dani for their work with children, kindness, attention) from the bottom of my heart, Thank you! To everyone who cared for our children. The training process is serious, as promised) the discipline and conditions is applied) it was difficult, tired, but my son was satisfied, next year he is going to camp again)
    P.S. I will tell my own, as a mother and not only my wish to you, dear organizers and coaches – a little more attention to the smallest (7-8 years) players.
    Thanks everyone! See you!
    Yekaterinburg 28.07.2015

    • Andrey «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thanks a lot, Ekaterina!

  6. Elena

    My son (11 years old) spent 2 turns in the camp Sport Planet. He is a little secluded and does not immediately make contact, so I had doubts whether he would be comfortable in an unknown environment. But we were very lucky in relation to the coaches and the guys in this turn. The atmosphere of the camp was very friendly, welcoming and everyone was united by a love of football. Coaches Sergey Martonov and Vitaly Nikolaevich trained and educated children with great enthusiasm and professionalism. I am very grateful to them for the fact that they were always ready to discuss problems with their parents and find a better solution. I would only like to wish that they will be in this camp again next year, and we will certainly come there again!

    • Andrey «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thanks Elena!

  7. Maksim

    Nice camp! I have sent already my son Anton there. He returned joyful! And found new friends. We have already decided that on the next camp we will send them together, otherwise they will be bored, their family and ours from different cities. He talked a lot about leisure. About the game in the mafia and trips on an excursion. As were their stories, the children are busy all the time and do not get bored and are always under supervision. Because there are camps, I will not call them, where the coaches are busy with their own work and their children.

  8. Marina

    We were in the Ajax camp in St. Petersburg last autumn. My Maxim is satisfied! The Dutch coaches are cool, the children listened to them very carefully, although they understood little that they spoke English. The translation coaches explained everything. Maxim once called, and said that “..we are sitting in a restaurant after an excursion”, it was so funny .. he seemed like business man) They were in amusement park Angry Birds! He told me with pleasure how they played football on a small pitch with assistant trainers! In general, everything is great! Will definitely come again!

    • Andrey «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thanks for feedback, Marina. We are really pleasant!

  9. Alexey

    On behalf of myself and the guys from St. Petersburg I would like to thank the organizers of the Sport Planet football camp. My sons returned tanned, tired and happy!! A camp is for those who want to learn something new and have nothing to do the same with ordinary camps. I liked that the guys and coaches set a goal and asked for the result: training, workouts and training, no phones, TV and tablets. Clean air, sun, sea, football!! We are already thinking about the next summer and most likely the guys will go on several turns. Special thanks to our coaches: Eugeny and Maxim. Good luck!!

    • Andrey «Sport Planet Care Service»

      thanks Alexey!

  10. Bella

    Good afternoon. The child is 11 years old, plays football since 8 in a local football school. Previously, the results were better, now afraid of the ball and pinched … I would really like to send him for 2 or 3 turns!!! I need a man’s hint … and the advice of experienced trainers!!!

    • Andrey «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Good evening!
      There are the coaches of the FC Barcelona Academy in Crimea, the translator is also a coach with a long experience. Training groups are formed based on the level of skills of the children so that each child will be falling in comfortable.
      The first turn has already begun, you can catch the second or third. The dates of the second turn is – 1.07-13.07, the third is 13.07-25.07. The cost of the turn is 570 euro.

  11. Alina

    Thanks for the camp in Novopavlovka. The child has got very large experience during only 12 days!! And he improved a lot his own technique skills and physical results!. Our coach has seen the difference. Our plan next year is going to Eupatoria, Crimea! We expect the same level of the training sessions and improving))

    • Andrey «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thanks Alina! We promise you will enjoy and improve your skills a lot! Welcome!

  12. Svetlana

    Great camp! I recommend to all parents. I did not expect that there will be so many trainings: the child is really tired, but happy and tanned. In addition, I get fresh feelings with the beauties of the Crimea and pound off at sea. Of course, he got many friends and plans to meet in 2018. He is waiting for the next summer camp!

  13. Maria

    Many thanks to this camp for everything!!! Thanks for excellent living conditions, for the very-most-coolest Spanish coaches, for delicious food, for excellent excursions, for new friends!!! Every day we got more and more experience from this football camp! Every day was intense and vibrant!!! These were the best days of my life!!! Special thanks to the Spanish coaches for motivation, for the coolest trainings, for communication!!!
    Thanks to them, I will definitely learn English))) We gave all our best at each training and, of course, we improved our football skills and go even further!!!
    It was hard to part with the camp and the coaches, and I hope that we will return here again) Thank you very much again, everything was on the highest level)))

    • Andrey | «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thank you, Masha !

  14. Mikhail

    I want to thank the coaches Vyacheslav, Maxim, Alex for their patience and skilled work. I saw with my own eyes their work. We have not so kind of work in our club unfortunately. The conditions in the camp, food, training on natural fields, water, a doctor (Bogdan Antonovich – my special greetings), leisure and control are at the highest level. Thanks! Grandfather of Vorobyov Alexander, Kazan!

    • Andrey «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thank you!

  15. Natalya

    Very friendly atmosphere. The qualified coaches – Vyacheslav, Maxim and Alex. Excellent living conditions and food. The professional is doctor Bogdan Anatolevich. The territory has a lot of greenery and excellent air. The training sessions are made according to programs drawn up by coaches. Thanks to all. Will definitely come again.

    • Andrey «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thanks so much for the feedback! We will develop and make our work much more better for your kids!

  16. Svetlana

    My son was in the camp, he liked it a lot, the coaches are serious, but very good…Everything well organized, hotel, food, trainings..Thanks to organizers and coaches.

    • Andrey | «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thank you, Svetlana!!

  17. Vasily Yakobsen

    I want to thank you so much for the time that we spent in the camp. We liked everything very much, and most importantly the child is happy. He has all the talk only about Sergey and Giorgi, they are wonderful guys. All the best to you and good luck!

    • Andrey | «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thanks, Vasily!

  18. Andrey

    We could not stand it. Nothing bad happened. It’s just that the child did not figure out his strength and had to leave. It is difficult to meet new people, for the three days that he was, he could not find friends (there was no one to talk to, he came to my room and cried), plus he was not used to this high rate of trainings (that club , which he goes to (Torpedo in Kaluga) is apparently rather ordinary regarding of physical fitness). This experience is also useful, the main thing is that he would draw the right conclusions. If he doesn’t quit football and begins to approach the training correctly, then next year he will definitely go to your camp (you have a very strong coaching staff and professional approach), we only have to send our mom with him for the entire period, and not for three days as we were with him (until he grows up). I myself watched the training, living conditions and the attitude of the “teaching” staff, in principle, I am very pleased.

    • Andrey | «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Good review about our work! Thanks!

  19. Dmitry

    Several times I sent my son to the camps of the Sport Planet (in Greece, Spain, Yevpatoria). He liked everything. I recommend to everyone.
    As my opinion, the most efficient and convenient camp is in Greece. Firstly, training is divided functionally: athletics training, the technique with the ball and directly playing football (squares, combinations, double-sided matches). Each function has its own highly specialized coach, plus a head coach who coordinated the entire process. All the coaches in Greece were very good)!! Secondly, the camp itself is located in a quiet place with clean air, beautiful views of the mountains. If desired, closer is the sea. And third, the camp has everything: a pool, a gym, several football fields, a large territory. A bar, a beautiful dining room, gazebos, etc. An animator was attached to the children. Great camp. A very good result.

    • Andrey | «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thanks, Dmitry!

  20. Mila

    I want to thank the organizers and employees of Sport Planet for the summer sports camp in Bulgaria. In July 2019, for the first time we decided to send the eldest son to the camp, he is 10 years old. So decided that he flew to Bulgaria with the coach, whom we first saw at the airport before departure. Zhenya has been playing football since he was 4 years old and he is very big fun of this game. Our goal was to dip him in a new atmosphere, for good, highly qualified coaches, so that during the summer not only get rest, but also new football skills, a new feeling in the game. We looked a lot of sites with children’s football camps. And unanimously agreed on the “Sport Planet”. What made us especially happy: the price and quality accordance, the organizers from St. Petersburg, and the camp itself was pleasantly located outside of Russia, bilingual training is being held, coaches from Russia and Spain, testing is held for each participant in the game and on abilities (see what it’s especially worthwhile to work), groups travel organized from St. Petersburg and Moscow, parents don’t have to fly. The son was delighted with the training and the coaches’ approach to learning, learned new techniques, also after each sesson the guys were given massage, there were children’s parties. Because we were one of the last who booked the turn, we didn’t manage to get a plane ticket (ended) on which way back our group flew back. We booked new flight through Bulgarian airlines, and the employees of Sport Planet helped organize everything clearly, everything went smoothly. Eugene flew matured and very pleased! Our expectations were also 100% justified. Now we got an offer from Sport Planet to play in a tournament in France in May. Getting ready! Thank you from our hearts for Sport Planet!
    I wish you success, and that all your ideas continue to be harmoniously realized!

    • Andrey | «Sport Planet Care Service»

      Thanks a lot, Mila for those warm words to us!!!

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