фото_тесты на скорость

Implementing our own training methodology

The company Sport Planet began to implement its own methodology for assessing the results of children in 2018!!
Now, all our summer and spring football camps, children will have in-depth testing! So we will evaluate the player’s physical development, will evaluate all the basic elements of the football technique, as well as individual tactical skills.

This will allow children to take a qualitatively different step forward in the development of their own physical qualities and technical and tactical skills. This methodology surpasses all available analogues of assessing the functional capabilities of football players, since almost all elements of technology and physical qualities are tested in the game.

What does the methodology for assessing player results consist of?

First of all, the anthropometric data of each child who came to our camp or at the selection training are evaluated — height and weight are measured. Further, due the help of equipment, indicators are measured: a run of 15 meters from a start position, a run of 15 meters with handicap, a shuttle run of 5*15 meters and a jump with two legs.

Then, the main game test exercises are conducted, which will assess the quality of each technical football element. At least two test matches are also held in any of our camps, where the quality of technical and tactical indicators and the amount of work done are evaluated. We will tell in more detail about each testing.


Simple measurements of the player’s height and weight will allow using the data in subsequent more complex tests, which will give the most objective assessment of the player’s results.

The physical progress of football players testing

Any of our children’s football camps has a special equipment that used to assess the player’s speed, strength and coordination abilities. Measurements of the main indicators give information about explosive strength, starting and distance speed – which is expressed in seconds and is easily compared with control standards for a given age. But that is not all.
We use a special program that analyzes the video of the tests, with which we can additionally evaluate the position of each joint when running or jumping, and accordingly evaluate the running technique, the technique of acceleration, rotation, hip moving, foot push and arm position.

The results obtained are of great useful to both the child and his parents. This data will help you to see the main errors and how to resolve them. Using our methodology, even a small child will see those problems, because of which he could not get to the football academy in his city or is sitting on a bench.

фото_тесты на скорость

Basic football elements testing

We evaluate each child of any level of preparation the correctness and quality of the performance of all the main technical elements, using five specially selected exercises as: passing-recieving, cheating movements, dribbling, kick to the goal and long kick. We discover the personal qualities of the child’s development, two-leggedness, coordination, speed of decision-making and the ability to keep in viewing the entire field and all the players involved in the exercise.

Most exercises are playful in nature, resistance of opponents is used. Points for technical elements are set by experienced trainers using a special technique based on an analysis of video test exercises. You can always refer to the video for any controversial indicator.

Also we evaluate such indicators as individual actions in defense and attack, kick force, analyze the position of the body when performing elements, which gives the player information whether or not he is performing the element correctly.

Game analytics

As mentioned earlier, test matches are required in the children’s Sport Planet football camps. Each child in our camp has the same amount of time on the field. Based on the video data and special sensors, all the technical and tactical elements committed by the player in the game, the place where the element was performed, the number of speed sections, their length and duration, the player’s fatigue and recovery, and the basic functions of the cardiovascular system are recorded.

After analyzing the game, we give out to each player a whole set of indicators informing us and the player about the amount of work done on the field, the amount of defects, the nature of the activity and the mistakes made, the number of stealings, interceptions, and the correct execution of the elements.

This method allows:

  • greatly improve your results in the shortest possible time. Sport Planet football camps invite only experienced, highly qualified coaches to work with children. This method will make it possible to take a huge step forward in the skills of your child in combination with an accurate assessment of all the qualities of football players,
  • get into the football academy almost of any world club, which will use our system,
  • objectively identify the level of your team and coach.

Sport Planet company can safely say that no one academy uses this method for training players at the moment. All data obtained by us will be stored in the player database, which will be available to all interested scouts of the World. Constant participation in our football camps and sports events will allow us to monitor the dynamics of the child’s performance. You can apply to any of our football camps held by us in Europe or Russia. Sport Planet football camps are always quality and high results!



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