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We decided to cancel several turns of football camps this season!

Unfortunately for us and many children and parents who were ready for the upcoming summer season of the camps, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic this summer, we are taking a decision to cancel part of the turns of our professional football camps!

After consulting with parents from different regions, partners, agencies, we made a balanced decision to cancel:
football camp in Greece, which was planned from June 15 to 27,
1st and 2nd turns of the football camp in Bulgaria from July 10 to August 3,
1st and 2nd turns in Spain from June 18 to July 18.
1st turn of a football camp in Yevpatoriya from June 18 to 30.

We do this in order to avoid risks that one of the children will not be able to cross borders, that we will be forced to conduct a football camp to the detriment of the company, in truncated squads or with restrictions from local authorities or, finally, the possible resumption of quarantine.

Several years of hard work to create advanced techniques in the field of the football training process, a base of regular customers, and strong ties with professional trainers – paid off – in 2020, a huge influx of children from different regions of Russia and abroad was expected. It will be difficult for children from Canada, the USA, Bulgaria, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland and other countries to meet together on football fields.
But we will again carry out this work to create an advanced center for the development of football players in our country and abroad.

We desperately hoped so far that we would not have to cancel something this year. Our entire team of trainers, managers and marketers with hope followed the news from different countries and from WHO. And, although in many countries quarantine is removed and there is every reason that in June it will be removed altogether, having weighed all the risks, we make this decision with a huge sense of frustration. We very much hope that all of you – players, guys and girls, parents, coaches, doctors, partners and employees – will be able to come to us on other dates or transfer your trips to our other places.

All parents who have already booked vouchers for canceled turns with us can choose whether they want to transfer their trip to another turn, to another city or want to return the prepayment. All parents will receive additional information from us about this procedure. We will contact each of you personally. For internal reasons, we need an understanding of the situation from parents until June 30th. If we do not receive a response from you before this date, the refund will be automatically rescheduled for the new summer season.

All other turns are planned in accordance with the previous schedule. Children are being applied there, there are minimum failures. We will post new information every two weeks.

Health to you and your loved ones,
Planet Sport Care Service!

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