Планета Спорта Евпатория 2018-105

Our football project the Academy of Planet is gaining momentum!

We already said and wrote everywhere that we are introducing a new methodology for testing players who come to our football camps or get internships. It’s time to talk about it in detail!

First of all, it must be said that we have been looking for a way out for a long time, how to get complete and objective information about the level of training skills and the functional potential of the players who come to our summer football camp. And we found!! Without going into deeper details, it is worth saying that we use special equipment, sensors and video shooting to determine many indicators of the players. All the results are analyzed in a special program. We shoot games and special exercises in which we analyze technical and tactical actions on the field. Our method of analyzing is still being debugged.

For example, just 5 minutes of testing in the usual square 4 vs 1, which we spend in teams or in our football camps in the summer, gives huge of information about the player’s actions and skills! Indicators of the correctness of technique, accuracy, coordination, reaction, technical and tactical skills, and much more! And speed test where the player runs 15-meter will give an information not only about the speed value, but also about the correct running technique.  A special program fixes the points of the joints of the runner and shows us deviations from the norm. Using the results of our tests, we can objectively evaluate how the child moves the thigh, which part of the foot he uses when running, how the hands work, whether the step length is enough, etc. These are fantastic indicators that give great information to the coach, parent and the child himself.

Планета Спорта Евпатория 2018-11

We train children very easily and motivate them to work in the Sport Planet football camp, having such indicators. Video analysis of games along with sensors that are fixed to the player’s body will provide information of the average and maximum speed during the game, endurance limit, technical and tactical indicators, bounce rate, scope of actions, and many others. The results will allow us to choose the right way to correct mistakes on the field, according to the methods of development of certain physical qualities. Statistics will be useful both to coaches, players and parents, and the leaders of well-known academies who can access the player’s database on our website in the future.

This is a very small part of our methodology for working with children. Do not miss the chance to train with professionals – we hold camps, individual trainings, trips to elite tournaments with selected players!




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Our football project the Academy of Planet is gaining momentum!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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